KISS~Keepin It Simple, Stylist!

Lets talk about Parties(Nail Bars)! I know you’ve probably heard it before a million times~ KISS/Keep It Simple, St****(I don’t like that word)…but for us as a Color Street Stylist we’ve replaced the last word to be Stylist! So, lets chat about Keepin It Simple, Stylist!

You have to remember that if you are a current stylist you want to make sure everything you do for your business is repeatable and simple enough that others will see how simple it really can be and think “If she can do that, I can do that!” Keeping It Simple is one of your best tools for building a team!

Ok, first up lets talk HOSTESS Coaching!!

Once you’ve got your hostess(someone that has either said they want to host a party, or that they want to earn free product) you’ll start coaching them on how they can have the best party with the most rewards!

So upon first contact with them, you’ll want to really focus on getting her goals for her own party! By that I mean you’ll want to ask how many nail sets does she want to earn for free…the best way to do this is ask her for a wish list! Have her look online or in the catalog and make a list of her must haves!

The best hostesses have a goal in mind and they are encouraged by you the stylist to push to reach their goal! They more the hostess works the better her party will be! After all, the party will be full of her friends, they know her not you!

Then, your second contact with your hostess should be one you are extra enthusiastic! Your going to go over her wish list that she created from your first contact and figure out how much her party needs to have in sales for her to get her wish list!

Your going to help her create her FRANK list! A FRANK list provides contact information for friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, and kids’ contacts. When doing this you’ll want to remind your hostess that each person on the list needs to be a one on one contact! No mass messaging or group invites! The more personal the invite they better chance she’ll have of a successful party!

As a Color Street Stylist, (especially if this will be an online only event)  you’ll want to ask your hostess for addresses and contact information people that have RSVPed that they are interested in attending the event! This way you can get the ball rolling on the party and send out your “Twosie” samples! You’ll want to get those out as soon as you can so the guests are ready to shop and make their purchases at the party!

And, your third contact, and probably your last pre-party contact with your hostess! This is the time you’ll want to double check if she has any questions and ask what the response has been so far from her FRANK list!

You’ll also need to make sure if this is an in-home event to let your hostess know exactly what to expect from you as the stylist(what time you’ll be there, about how long the party will last, and anything that she needs to do to prepare). And if this is an online party you’ll still want to make sure to let her know what to expect from you and to remind her what you expect from her(she needs to be active online, tag her friends on posts, and be excited and posting about the party online)!

Finally, Reminder your hostess that she is awesome and that she will be successful as long as she has followed your hostess coaching! And let her know how much you appreciate her hosting a party!


I hope you were able to learn something from this post or maybe its just been a good reminder of somethings you already knew! Either way Happy Coaching!


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