So you want to know me…

Hi, my name is Bridgette! I love Jesus, my Air Force husband, my 2 beautiful girls, and both of my lovable annoying dogs! haha I also love Coffee, Target, Coffee, Netflix, Coffee, Color Street, Coffee, Crochet, Coffee, and Food! Did I mention Coffee!

But really…I’m pretty simple, I’m not super organized(which is why we are attempting the whole going minimal thing, and so far its helping), I really really don’t like laundry or dishes…I mean no body has time for that right! I’m just a mom doing my best every day to make sure the house doesn’t burn down, the kids are still breathing and have had something to eat and working hard to provide the extra income for fun for our family!

I used to sell LuLaRoe, I sold if for 6 months and we paid off all our debt except for the house, which by the way if your on your debt free journey keep chugging along the end will come!! I stopped selling LLR because we reached our goal and that was a long 6 months of almost no sleep for me! So there was no real reason that I needed to keep working that hard and spending so much time away from my family! So I took the rest of 2017 for myself and the family and didn’t have any ‘side jobs’! It was such a great break and that was also when we started our minimalism journey!

Anyway, I recently started selling Color Street at the end of 2017(December)…I actually signed up less than an hour after trying my first sample! Crazy I know! Well its been just at the 2 month mark and I’ve had over $1500 in sales and most of that has been in January! I can see big things happening with Color Street and can’t wait to continue sharing that journey with you throughout this blog!

So enough about me…on to the Family!

As you can see by the husband Joey doesn’t know how to take a normal picture! But I’m totally ok with it, he makes me laugh every day and that brings me so much joy! We have been together for 11 years and married 9yrs this year. Crazy how fast time flies! We aren’t your average couple either, we are pretty goofy and have a crazy new hobby to try almost every month! No really, we are hobby addicts! We do have our favorites that we really really enjoy doing. Joey, like wood working and gardening the most..and he can grow some peppers let me tell you! I really enjoy crochet and watching Netflix(yes, watching Netflix is a hobby!) Anyway, moving on….we have 2 girls…one of which is totally crazy and full of energy and she is really spunky, and she loves her daddy! She is our oldest at 7yrs old! Our youngest is 4yrs old, she is the opposite of her sister she is very shy, she is super sweet and a big time mommas girl! We really love spending time together as a family, and being military that means just us a lot of the time!

Check us out bringing in the New Year at 6pm before the bed time crazy happens!

And then we have the Dogs!!

What were we thinking! Joey and I both grew up with pets in our homes so it was going to happen! It happened not even 1 month after we got married…and we purchased our pug(Piggy)! Let me just tell you the dog that was from a puppy mill(we didn’t know it at the time) that the vet took one look at his papers and said “he is so badly inbred that he will have lots of health issues!” is as healthy as can be 9yrs later! I’m not complaining to much, I mean the not having crazy vet bills is great and but the pug is well he is a pig! This dog will no joke spend 30 minutes outside (mostly eating poop) do his business and come back inside look right at you and pee or poop in the house! Really! I mean Really! Ugh! Beyond his A**holeness(I don’t actually curse in real life, except on this one point about the pug) he is a pretty good dog! He does help clean up the back yard, he gets all of the crumbs out of the dust pile you just swept up, he snores, he sheds, his toenails grow way to fast…oh wait…I was trying to say he is a good dog! He is really good with the family and likes to be where we are, he mostly sleeps, and both girls love to snuggle with him and he can be pretty funny to watch sometimes!

Piggy the Pug!


Our boxer, well she is a rescue from a no-kill shelter Joey and I used to volunteer at when we lived in TX. The breeder dropped off her last 3 puppies and Darcie was one of them…all boxer…for way less than the breeder price. Not really sure why the breeder dropped the puppies off but I’m so glad she did! Darcie has been the best dog! If your ever in the market for a dog…and want to get a pure breed make sure to check out the boxer! Darcie was right at 8/10weeks when we got her and we were pregnant at the time with our oldest, so we knew we needed to start training her to be around babies and kids. So we tugged on her ears, pulled at her nub, pinched her fur/skin and she has been the best! She will let both our girls from the time they were babies and even now, just do whatever…as long as she gets to lick them in the face every so often as payment! haha…Darcie does really really need lickers anonymous! She is just a big lap dog and loves to be where we are! This includes sleeping in the bed if we let her, we mostly don’t though because she will drive us crazy with the covers. Under the covers, on top of the covers, under the covers, on top of the covers….all night long every 30 minutes! Like really just go to sleep dog! We love her!

 Our Darcie


Ok…hopefully that wasn’t to boring, and was just enough for you to get an idea of who I am and who my family is! Thanks for reading! Until next time..


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