Family Date Night Ideas

So with Valentines day coming up in just a few short days…I thought what better to post about then date ideas! Well, date ideas for your family! If your anything like us, we have 2 girls and a small babysitter budget! So for things like Valentines day we love doing something together as a family rather than just Joey and I going out! Joey and I go out anyway at least once a month!  So here is a list of 20 things you can do as a family for date night! And a few pictures showing what we will be doing(which will be a whole different post another day to show before and after)!

Ideas For Family Date Night:

  1. Around the World Dinner
  2. Ice Cream at your favorite place in town
  3. Scavenger hunt
  4. Movie and Popcorn at home…or at your discount Theater
  5. Trip to the park, parents get on the playground and play with your kids
  6. Early afternoon Bowling
  7. Trip to the Library for story time(or make your own story time)
  8. Bike ride in your neighborhood
  9. Family Game night at home
  10. Fishing at a local pond/lake/river
  11. Look for local events/festivals that ya’ll can enjoy together
  12. Volunteer together
  13. Backyard campfire and smore’s
  14. Get creative, draw/paint/build something together
  15. Cook everyone’s favorite food for dinner(you have to let the kids do some of the cooking too)
  16. Trampoline Park
  17. Nerf wars in your yard
  18. Build the World’s largest fort in your living room
  19. Go to a local museum
  20. Start a garden

There are my favorite 20 ideas, some are free, some are cheap, and some will require some planning and a little money in the budget! This year our family is going to get crafty!

Our plan is to lay out some paper to protect our dinning room table and then we are going to use only Valentines colors and make art!  I have an idea of what I want to do already…and I’m pretty sure I know what Pippa(7) is going to do! The other 2 well, you’ll just have to wait and see when I make that post!

I’m sure many of you have read other blogs, magazines, or studies that tells you to spend time with your family and turn off your phone…so I’m not going to press that fact to much here! I get it we are all busy, and we are not perfect…so do this for me….well do this for your kids…the next time you have even 5 minutes of fun with them..shut your phone completely off! I know you want to use your phone for pictures…but what if for just those 5 minutes there are no pictures…but there are memories that you and your kids will get to hold on to for a lifetime! Stories they will later get to tell their kids of how mom or dad turned off the phone and were just there in the moment! If you do have that burning desire to take a picture, go to your store and grab a disposable camera teach your kids how to use it and let them take the pictures! How great the times are when our kids are learning, loving, and enjoying a family that is present!

I love ya’ll…thanks for reading! I’m including at the bottom of this post a couple of Free graphics you can save and print that will go along with a few of the ideas in the list above!



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