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Most of you may not know it but my husband and I are in the process of leading a more minimal lifestyle! Basically we don’t like to clean and we can’t stand to look at clutter! We have 2 kids and 2 dogs so the amount of clutter in our house, and the amount of dust, fur, and dirt is unbelievable! Now we haven’t finished our whole house yet..but the one room that is completely DONE is our dinning room! It is now the most peaceful room in the house!


I know your wondering where the rest of the chairs are…they are currently being used as desk chairs in the office and in Pippa’s(our oldest) room! No we aren’t to cheap to buy desk chairs..but we haven’t really gone out looking for any yet either. Anyway, back to the dinning room…just look at how empty and clean and not chaotic it is! I love it!!! If my whole house could look like this my life would be much more peaceful!

So why go minimal?

For us its about creating less mess to clean up, and creating a space that can be used for its intended purpose! I know many people here the word minimalist and think its bare bones, no furniture, no stuff, mattress on the floor type of minimal. And while there is nothing wrong with that, that isn’t all minimalist living is about. And its very different for every person and family that chooses to live minimal.  With us being a military family it does make the thought of moving easier when we have less stuff…especially little stuff…you know the knick knacks that just add up over time. As you can tell in our dinning room we have gotten rid of (sold or donated) anything that wasn’t of use, didn’t bring us joy, or didn’t serve any purpose.  The only thing “extra” in the room is the pictures on the wall and the center piece on the table.


If you know me or as you get to know you’ll find that I love dragonflies…I always have and every time I see one fly past me it makes me smile! So the dragonfly is something that brings me joy.  The heart is just a reminder to love, love God, love Family, love People! Love isn’t always easy but it is a choice that has to be made everyday! And the flowers just make us happy…the bright color is a permeant reminder that life is beautiful and to stop and smell the flowers. Life is so busy and sometimes we just need a simple reminder to take our time and be in each moment. And the tray, well its just that a tray..but the white is just bright and clean and really helps to make the items in it stand out!

I’ll make more posts as we complete each room of the house…but the thing you have to remember is that going minimal, whatever that means to you, is that it’s a process. It can’t be done over night and it’s not always easy to get to the point that you would call something complete. So take your time and determine what minimal means for you and your family! What is your purpose for going minimal?

As always thanks for reading and you know I love it when you share the blog!


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