5 Tips for Direct Sales!

Hey ya’ll! Let me start by saying that I’m no expert in direct sales but I have picked up a few things over the years and through the various companies I’ve worked with.  I wanted to start off by telling ya’ll my top 5 favorite tips…these tips are geared more towards the selling side more than anything else. I hope you’ll learn something new or maybe I’ve at least been able to shed new light to things you’ve heard before.


Tip #1

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but are you actually thinking about what this means?

Developing a relationship doesn’t happen over a single conversation and it definitely doesn’t happen from sending a “Thank you for your order” card! So then, how do you build a good relationship?  It can really be one of the easiest things to do and the most beneficial to you!

Think about it like this, your new customer, we’ll call her Jane, finds her way to your site places an order…and all she gets from you is a thank you card. Well thats great you should totally do that(no really, you should totally do that if your not then start now), but how about a phone call? Scary right! I’m one to tell you I don’t like talking on the phone AT ALL! Really I hate talking on the phone! So what do you do…Hello Facebook! You have Jane’s full name and phone number…search for her on Facebook and send her a simple message introducing yourself and again thanking her for your order. This is also a great time to let her know you have a VIP group or invite her to follow your business page.  I know your thinking what if she never sees the message, right? Right! So next step…still you don’t like talking on the phone…send her a text message and change your wording up from the Facebook message, and ask if you can add her as a friend on Facebook! Wait, what…you want me to add her as a friend…I don’t even know Jane!

Did you catch what you just said to yourself? You don’t even know Jane! Step 1 to building a relationship, get to know Jane! I’ll do another blog post at a later time to go into more detail on this…but this should at least get you started!

So Tip #1 has two parts, build relationship and OVER deliver! So how do you over deliver…its actually pretty easy! Send Thank You cards and get this hand write them!!! Wait did you just say to hand write a thank you card?? Oh yes I did!!  And you know what else…depending on your product your going to send another hand written follow-up card about 2/3 weeks after Jane has received her product!

Tip #2

Tip #2 is also pretty easy…but in order to do well at this you really need to be building that relationship we talked about in Tip #1!

So how do you treat your customers like royalty? Your jaw is going to drop….are you ready for it??

Tell them Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, tell their kids Happy Birthday, treat Jane like she is your best girl friend and brag on her in your VIP group! Send her happy mail just because you’ve noticed on her Facebook that life has handed her lemons!

But I have so many people in my group, do I have to do this for everyone all the time?? No, you don’t! But you should plan to do something like this at least 1 or 2 times a month, because again it helps build that relationship! And Jane is going to tell all her friends about how her Nail lady send her happy mail…and all of Janes friends are going to want to be your VIP too!


Tip #3

What does this mean??

You hear all the time you have to brand yourself…and thats so true…because your company will brand and market their products that you sell! You are the only person that is going to brand and market yourself! Jane isn’t going to buy from you just because she likes your product…she is going to buy from you because she likes who you are, or who you show yourself to be! If you are fun and outgoing then show it, if you love reading and coffee then tell the people!! Jane wants to relate to you not the product your selling! Find your personal brand and wave that flag!


Tip #4

I’m just going to leave this one here…let me know in the comments when you see it!


Tip #5

Tip #5 goes back to Tip #1, you must respond to everyone!! The only way you can start to build a relationship with anyone is to respond when they take the time to comment on your page! No this doesn’t mean to just click the like button and move on. You actually need to type out a response!

“OMG Jane, don’t you just love the colors in this! Which one is your favorite?”

“Jane, I’m so glad you took the time to comment on my post, I really appreciate you!”

Your response doesn’t need to be crazy long or super fancy…but you must respond!


Ok, that my friends are my 5 Tips for Direct Sellers! Did you learn anything new? Did anything make your little light bulb turn on? I sure hope so, I’d love it so much if you would share and pin this post anywhere and everywhere using #polishedpinkies

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